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Finding Aids

Catherine M. Burke, born in 1910, was one of the members of the inaugural class at Regis College.
During her school years, she worked to receive her education degree, even taking classes at Radcliffe
College as a special student. Burke then went on to become a teacher of Spanish and English where she
utilized her understanding of the Spanish language to travel to Mexico, documenting her time there. She
gave multiple presentations on the "Mexico of Today" throughout Massachusetts. Burke became one
of the first members of the Founders Society, now named the Catherine Burke Society, which worked
to honor those who donated gifts and scholarships to Regis College. At the end of her life in 1996, the
Catherine Burke Endowed Fund was created after she bequeathed the gift to Regis College, funding the
scholarships to Regis Students.

Commencement Programs beginning 1931 to present.

Social Isolation Among the Elderly: An Inter generational Project was conducted by Regis College
Public Health students under the direction of Public Health Program Director, Dr. Leslie Mandel. As part
of this project students collaborated with the Sisters of Saint Joseph residing at Bethany Health Care and
explored the topic of social isolation among the elderly. Regis College was one of 22 colleges to receive
funding for this effort by the CIC-AARP Foundation. Public Health students shared their experience at
the Heritage Week forum held on March 26, 2019.