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Regis Archives FAQs

In light of the current health crisis, Regis College Archives will be operating at a limited capacity until January 9th 2021 (subject to change). Please direct all urgent questions and requests to Dr. Kathryn Edney at kathryn.edney@regiscollege.edu. If your query is not urgent, it will be answered after January 9th 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience this may pose on your operations and research.

How do I schedule a research appointment in the Archives?

I have a research query, who do I ask?

Is the Archives currently accepting collection donations?

My donation is urgent. How do I donate materials to the Archives?

How do I gain access to yearbooks?

I need a syllabus, who should I ask?

I am an FYS student and need urgent help with research, who do I contact?