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Regis Quick Facts

Regis was founded?      

Who founded it?             

The buildings on campus when the college began?

Who owned the estate which the Congregation purchased? 

What is ACSSJ?

Five characteristics of the spirit?

  1. Practicing hospitality and working toward a caring community
  2. Caring for all with distinction
  3. Addressing the needs of the times
  4. Striving for excellence in all endeavors
  5. Making a difference in the local and world community

First recipient of the Putnam Scholarship?          

Majors that were offered at Regis when the college first started?

Regis Newspapers? (no longer in circulation)

  1. Regis Herald
  2. Our Times
  3. Educaten

What is the Lay Apostolate?

Who founded the Lay Apostolate?         

When was the Lay Apostolate founded?             

Where did the first Lay Apostle go?                        

What was the name of Sister Anna Louise’s dog?            

What was the name of the log cabin on campus? (Stood at the site of what is now St. Joseph’s Hall – replica is in the Archives):

What/where is Carondelet?      

Where was the log cabin?           

When did the first campus newspaper, Regis Herald, begin?     

What was the name of the newsletter of the Louis Pasteur Society?      

What was the name of the science club?             

From where did the stones used to build the Tower come?        

When was the Library built?      

Where was the first library?      

When was the Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History built?  

What is the name of the Honor Society for first-year students?

When did the Regis Alumnae Magazine (The Regis Quarterly) first begin?           

In what year did Eunice Kennedy Shriver receive an honorary Doctorate of Law from Regis?

Regis was the first college in Massachusetts to buy what during the Fourth War Loan drive?

In what year did Mother Theresa receive an honorary degree from Regis?

Who designed the Regis College seal?

What do the gold lozenges on the Regis seal stand for?

What does the Book on the Regis seal stand for?

What do the lilies on the Regis seal stand for?

Who designed the Regis College quilts and to commemorate what event?

What does the Guardian Angel statue commemorate?